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Q1. Who's beverages are they?

The world famous root beer and our other beverage flavors are Private Label's exclusive recipes.

Q2. What if I don't have a logo?

There is a one-time initial investment which includes a label design and proofs. We also offer other optional additional graphic design services.

Q3. Do I have to purchase a lot of product?

No, we can produce as little as one case.

Q4. How is the product packaged?

12 oz. glass bottles (energy is 7 oz.), spring water is 16.9 oz. All cases contain 24 bottles.

Q5. What is all this talk about Corn Sugar Vs Cane Sugar?

The short answer is: There are no FDA facts that support the use of Cane Sugar over HFCS (corn sugar). For further insight we recommend visiting

Q6. Where can I find info on the quality of your spring water?

A complete analysis can be found here:


Chameleon Beverage Company:

Signature Springs: Water Analysis 2013.pdf.

Q7. Do I have to purchase or apply labels to the product?

No, we produce the labels and apply them to the product, and then deliver the cases to you. The cost of the labels is factored into the finished product. All you have to do is sell it.

Q8. If everyone else around me sells Private Label beverages, why should I?

Private Label beverages are a great branding tool with a built in profit for you. Whether you sell the product for a direct profit or use it as a marketing tool, you reap the benefits. Lets face it.. in this world if you are not branding yourself, you're branding for someone else.

Q9. How soon can I get the product?

Normal production is 1-2 weeks from sign up until your first delivery. We have produced and delivered product in just a few days though. Reorders are delivered as quick as one day or up to one week depending upon your location.

Q10. How do I get started?

Simply Click Here!