Custom Labeled

Increase Your Beverage Sales.
Increase Your Profits.
Increase Your Brand Awareness.



Custom labeled beverages for any establishment. Premium Root Beer, Spring Water, and more.


Promote your brand on imprinted and embroidered apparel. T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and much more.


Customized promotional products with your logo. Mugs, pens, mints, magnets and much more.


Collapsible Can Coolers
500 for ONLY $650 

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"We have been doing business with Private Label for over 16 years... Everyone loves our root beer!"

Chuck Stergiou - Puritan Backroom, Since 1991

"Private Label's beverages are the best thing I ever did. Customers buy this stuff by the case!"

Joe Presti - Franco's Pizzera, Since 2001

"The product has been a welcomed addition to our menu and I often hear from our customers how delicious it tastes!"

Russ Sarles - Peter Christian's Tavern, Since 1994

"The quality of Private Label's product is excellent... I often see customers purchasing caseloads of our soda... We price our Zeb's beverages higher than the national brands and our customers have always been willing to pay more for it"

Peter Edwards - Zeb's General Store, Since 1994

"Since Wilson's beginnings in 1884, we have been synonymous with quality. Private Label has been supplying our old fashioned beverages since 1993 with a level of quality we have always strived to provide our customers. These beverages are a perfect addition to the Wilson Farm brand."

Paul Nicolas - Wilson Farms, Since 1993

"We've found we make more profit with our PoorBoy's beverages than with the national soda brands... I would recommend Private Label and their custom labeled beverages to any establishment."

Dave Fortier - PoorBoy's Diner, Since 1992

"Not only have our beverages maintained their popularity, we have actually experienced an increased demand over the years... Customers demand their Red Arrow Root Beer!"

Carol Sheehan - Red Arrow 24hr. Diner, Since 1993

"From Private Label's sales staff to the delivery personnel, we consistently receive excellent products and service."

Ron Doucet - The Yard Restaurant, Since 1991